The Music Academy Strategic Plan 2020-2024

The Music Academy Strategic Plan 2020-2024

Mr Joel Copeland

Dean of Music

Music is an important element of our school community. It is a pursuit that both challenges and enriches us through performance and academic study. The Music Academy provides a broad musical experience through which we can challenge our skills, knowledge and understanding.  We aim to create pathways for students and members of the community to achieve through music. The Music Academy encourages each individual to experience the joy of music, regardless of age or ability.  There is an emphasis on active participation and individual expression and the development of the rich knowledge involved in making music. We strive to provide a broad and innovative range of music making opportunities and recognise the power of music through community. 

I am excited to announce the launch of our Music Academy Strategic Plan 2020-2024.  This plan is the culmination of two years of consultation and collaborative thinking.  Created side by side with our staff, students, parents, Grammarians and the broader community, this plan sets the strategic and operational direction for our future as we head towards our centenary year.

Mrs Anne Coutts

Former CGGS Principal

The Music Academy was established during her Principalship

The vision for the Music Academy at CGGS came from a deep conviction that music, its composition, performance and appreciation is an important part of a young person’s education.

In learning to play a musical instrument, and I am including voice as an instrument, you learn perseverance, commitment to practice and have the rewards of hearing your own progress. Playing an instrument also enables you to learn about collaboration and how you can contribute to an orchestra or choir. You also realise that the choir or orchestra doesn’t all centre around you, every part is important, and listening is vital. Solo performers learn to conquer nerves and hold the stage.

Those who compose music learn about both logical patterns and deep creativity. They may not be performers themselves but have the satisfaction of hearing their music performed by others.

If you don’t play or sing, appreciating music can be a life-long pleasure. Many find music to be calming, celebratory, invigorating and thought-provoking at different times of their lives.

For these reasons, we wanted to build on our excellent music education at CGGS and make it more widely available to both children and adults in the Canberra region, who might not otherwise have the opportunity to play or study music. So, a plan was drawn up to extend an invitation to our symphony orchestra, our community choir and other ensembles and specialist classes.  I am delighted that, two years on, the Music Academy is established and thriving.

Mrs Anna Owen

CGGS Principal

Mrs Owen sharing her experiences and observations with the CGGS Music Academy

Unlike everyone I know and like, I did not grow up surrounded by music. And equally, unlike everyone I know, the wonder of the experience has been most profound for me because I only discovered music in my 30s. It slipped into my life most unexpectedly. Imagine beginning at a new school, attending a concert and the opening vocal composition reducing you to tears in front of your new colleagues. The honesty, sincerity and purity and the uninvited tears. Goodness. Simple, elegant successes are so hard to achieve but will always trump complex, brash catastrophes. The first of my lessons in music appreciation.

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