The Music Academy Patron

The Music Academy Patron

Malcolm Gillies

Malcolm Gillies entered the kindergarten at Canberra Girls Grammar School in 1959, when his mother joined the School’s staff as a mathematics teacher. Malcolm later studied at Narrabundah High School and Canberra Grammar School, while learning violin from Vincent Edwards at the Canberra School of Music and piano with Claire Laws of Deakin. He was leader of the Canberra Youth Orchestra in 1971–72.

When seventeen Malcolm was accepted into the Royal College of Music in London, as a pianist, violinist and theorist. He gained a Cambridge BA in Music, and a London MMus and PhD in Theory and Analysis, along with an ANU BA in Classics, and in 2004 was awarded a higher Doctor of Music degree from the University of Melbourne for his publications in music history and aesthetics. He was Dean of Music at the University of Queensland, and a deputy vice-chancellor at the ANU before becoming the president of two London universities during 2007–14.

As a musician, his interests lie in music theory and analysis, history, musicology, aural training and criticism. He has published many studies about Béla Bartók and Percy Grainger, as well as education. Since 1997 he has been the editor of Oxford University Press’s Studies in Music Genesis, Structure and Interpretation series.

Malcolm is now an emeritus professor of London Metropolitan University and the ANU, and a member of the Order of Australia (AM). He is a passionate supporter of music “every day, and in every way”.

A message from our patron

Music is all about connection: of notes, rhythms, instruments, people and entire communities. I enjoyed my early years in Canberra, in which music was such an important focus of daily life. Whether at home, at school, in music groups, on camps, or exciting trips away, music was always something to look forward to, to try hard with, yet always to enjoy.

As patron of The Music Academy at Canberra Girls Grammar School, I do hope that this new venture will allow you to appreciate more the great mental, aural and physical traction that is music. Whether you are seven or seventy, there is music for you: pieces to play, songs to sing, skills to practise, and wonderful works of musical art perhaps just to contemplate. Music is about the mind, the heart and that other thing we sometimes call “the soul”. And in this mad world, we especially need lots of “soul”.

The Music Academy seeks to share CGGS’s musical expertise and accomplishments more widely than ever before. Its offerings cover a wide range of styles of music and different skills or techniques. Led by the excellent CGGS music staff, the Academy’s programmes throw open the School’s doors to the community, whether as individuals, groups or more formal artistic partners.

Yes, music is all about connection, and making new connections. Perhaps there is a new experience here at The Music Academy for you.

Professor Malcolm Gillies


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